5 Ways The World Could End
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5 Ways The World Could End

We, as humans, have always been interested in knowing how we will be ended, and when. Many early civilisations have pondered about the end of the world. This is evident from the many different artefacts and ancient writings, that have been discovered, where they have even estimated the time when this will happen. 
Even today, the end of the world is a favourite topic among writers, film makers, story tellers and readers in general. No doubt so many stories, speculation and theories have come forward with regards to when and how the world could end.
But we are an intelligent species and thus have to be rational about everything, even with an issue as grim as this. 

1. Warfare 

Nobody is better at killing ourselves than us. With the passage of time, science and technology has advanced exponentially. But, if every cloud has a silver lining, every boon comes with a curse in disguise too. Technology has been in use for nefarious reasons, for a very long time.
We have always loved killing. I wonder if that’s the instinct that has developed as a result of hundreds of thousands of evolution. But we have devised countless methods that could essentially wipe us off of the face of the earth.

Nuclear Weapons may be the most effective and efficient to do that job. Many different countries have amassed enough nukes to destroy the earth if they so wished to. 
Albert Einstein once said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” If the world war III is fought with nukes, the world is sure to end and humanity will be reset.
Biological Warfare is another looming danger for humanity. Although it takes longer, it is a sure shot method to complete the job. As much as 90% of the world population could be wiped by an engineered virus. 
Imagine only 7,000,000 people left on earth, with everyone else dead or decaying. The scenario is as horrific if not more, than the zombie apocalypse shown on T.V shows. 
Chemical Warfare is yet another “ingenious method” we have created to end ourselves. We are really suicidal as a species, I guess. 
Anyways, chemical warfare involves using chemical substances as weapons. They are very toxic and nature and could potentially wipe out a large number of population very efficiently. Some examples include, nerve agents, mustard gas, ricin, abrin, etc. 

2. Asteroid Impact

This is something that is out of our hands. We are at the mercy of the universe on this one. We know that this is a legitimate threat as we have proof that earth has been frequently bombarded by asteroids in the past. The last major one wiped out the dinosaurs and almost life as we know it. 
NASA has been tracking several asteroids to make sure they can be better prepared when an asteroid is headed straight for us. Right now that doesn’t happen till 2175, or so they say. But technology has reached a place where the asteroids could potentially be dealt with while they are in space and millions of miles away from us. 
But we have also missed several of these and are often surprised as one of them passes by earth while we are totally unprepared to do anything. Could we follow dinosaurs to the grave? Only time will tell.

3. Robot Ascension

This is not limited to sci-fi movies anymore. It’s fast becoming a real world issue, especially in the last 5 years. The development of AI is at full surge and and at this pace who knows when an autonomous AI will finally be presented to the world. And with robotics advancing at the rate it is, we will soon have robots taking over a lot of jobs for us.
But an AI that can think for itself, develop and replicate itself, is a powerful creation. One that can easily take over the creator (humans). AI could come to the logical conclusions that we are the bad guys, the scourge of the earth, what with all the killings and destruction of earth, you know. 
If that happens, we better have a separate planet ready for inhabitation cause this one will be a death sentence. We all know what happens when AI goes rogue or takes over. We have watched enough movies to know the horrors we would face on a daily basis. Once again, we would be responsible for our own doom.

4. Reversal of Earth's Magnetic Poles

Earth’s magnetic poles have a history of reversal in position. Geological records show that this happens every few hundred thousand years. Scientists believe that the last one happened around 780,000 years ago, so we are long overdue. 
It would cause massive earthquakes unlike anything before, climate change hundred times faster, tsunamis, volcanic eruption and mass extinction of every species on earth.
It sounds very much like the movie 2012. But in fact, it would be even worse. Of course, you wouldn’t be alive for long to watch it happen, but that’s not the case. If this happens, it would barely leave anyone alive. And life would take another millions of years to flourish again. Maybe that’s the nature’s way of rinse and repeat.

5. Alien Invasion

This one may seem a bit far fetched, so hear me out. There are countless galaxies in the universe and billion times that are the stars. And we know that planets are generally found revolving the stars. So, the possibility that life exists elsewhere is highly probable. In fact, personally, I believe it to be true. Thinking otherwise would be very egoistic on our part.
Anyways, any intelligent species that has become a spacefaring one, would definitely like to “check out” other intelligent life forms. Now, they might be malevolent or benevolent. We don’t know, There is no way to tell.
But one thing is for sure. If a highly advanced malevolent alien civilisation were to come to earth for whatever reasons, it could spell the end of our civilisation. They could wipe us out in a single energy blast or slowly, turning our biological bodies into their “resources”. Either way, it would be a death sentence.


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