Meditation - The Path to Ascension
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Meditation - The Path to Ascension

In a world made of shackles to enslave people and to instigate chaos, it is easy to get lost in the noise. It's all a big fat race. A race which has no finish line, and still everyone is running towards it, unaware that they are running in a hamster wheel, achieving nothing; a pointless existence. 
So involved we are in the daily nothingness of what life has become that we do not stop for a second to reconsider what it all means. Are we here to perform menial jobs and one day just get erased out of existence? Are we here just to play a small role in a drama called life? Life. Such a short and sweet word and yet we do not know the first thing about it.
We were born on earth for a purpose. To find our way back. We are hitchhikers who need a ride back home. We are souls that drive masses of flesh and bones, called bodies, trying to get back to the source of it all. We. Are. LOST.

The Road To Discovery

How does a lost man find his way back if he doesn't have a map. Does he just keep on walking in a particular direction with the hopes of one day finding civilisation, that could help him get back home? What are the chances of that happening? What are the chances of him surviving the journey? Isn't this what is happening to us all? We are walking in a straight line in the hopes of redemption and do not live to get there. 
No matter how much we try, we just can't finish the journey back home. And how could we? We have the wrong maps, in the likeness of a devil that tricks us towards a wrong path, a path to hell, a path to condemnation.
But the right map exists and some people have access to it. It's an exception, but a reality nonetheless. The universe is programmed in a way that exceptions want to happen. Only, in this case, it serves as a boon. A tool to liberate us from our tedious lives bound by chains in an increasingly suffocating world. 
This exception, is Meditation. It is the road to discovery. It is the way back home. It is our one shot at redemption, of liberation.


A person's soul is pure cosmic energy. All our lives, this cosmic energy remains in search of the primordial energy of creation, the creative forcefield, the ether; just as a baby searches frantically for it's mother the moment she is out of sight. 
Such is the soul's desire to reunite with the source. Such is it's desire that even after achieving all the success, happiness and wealth, there exists a hollow inside us that just won't go away. A void that can never be filled. A feeling that can never be explained by our feeble minds. Even the power to understand it or become aware of it, is lost in this world where everyone is 'programmed' to 'obey' like lifeless, senseless organisms. 
But all is not lost. The people who are awakened know that the soul is a part of something bigger. Something so enigmatic that our monkey brains cannot even begin to fathom it. The soul is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that wants to fit in with the other pieces to complete the 'puzzle'. So, how do we do it? How do we get back home, reunite with our creator? Remember, the path is meditation. Deep meditation. A meditation so powerful that gives you a high unlike anything you have ever witnessed before. 
It is the key to opening all the energy centres of the body leading to an ascension. Only when we are ascended do we actually see. Not the seeing that we are used to. But the actual seeing. A realm of reality unbeknown to us. When that happens, in that moment, we fulfil our purpose. The journey ends and we are back home!


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