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Imagine a world where everything is truly wireless. No wires dangling around on the desks or behind the tables, no tripping over wires or accidentally damaging them! Complete freedom from the eyesore that is the landscape of today's consumer electronics. It would be so liberating and futuristic and a more natural way of living. All this may sound too good to be true or too far into the future but in fact, this technology is already here and it is going to change the way we do things all over again!

Today, everyone owns one or more smart devices. It could be a smartphone or a tablet or a smartwatch or a whole slew of other smart gadgets. All these devices have one thing in common; that they all require charging. And as frustrating as it is, today's battery technology isn't as advanced as it needs to be and we end up charging our devices every single day.

Well, not for long! Because a company called Energous, has come up with the solution we've all been looking for and they are calling it Wattup technology. Our gadgets will now be able to be charged from a distance. Just imagine walking into your home from a long day of work and your phone immediately starts charging up without you even thinking about it, just like how wifi connects automatically. You would not need to go to your room, take out your charger, connect the phone and leave it there. That will all be in the past. And since your devices won't have to be placed in a particular place to get charged up, you can move around using them as they charge! 

The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitters deliver contained power at up to a 15-feet radius from where they are installed, creating up to a 30-feet envelope of wire free charging space. Each of these transmitters are able to charge 12 devices at the same time. The receiver is at the receiving end of this power that uses multiple antennas to collect the micro energy beams created by the transmitter. The receiver will be embedded inside your devices in the circuitry. The whole process will be just as seamless as how wifi works. Now that's what I call 'wireless charging'. The current solutions available in the market termed as 'wireless charging' are nothing but induction charging where you still have to place your device on a pad and the charging station is still connected to a power source through a wire. The whole system is bulky in my opinion with no real convenience over the wired charging set up that we have today.

Energous plans to introduce this technology to the market in late 2016 and we should start seeing this being adopted in electronics over the course of 2017. Of course we would have to buy new smartphones and new tablets that support this technology but who wouldn't? Also, the company is hoping to release charging cases by the end of 2016, so that our existing smart devices can take advantage of this god-sent technology.

So, are you hyped enough for this? I sure am! The future can't happen soon enough...


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